Sy, Haidara Djeneba

Share TweetToday’s pick for #womenshistorymonth is Haidara Djeneba Sy. Sy is an activist and religious leader from Mali. In May 2016, she became the first woman VP of the National Network of Malian Muslim Youth (#UJMMA). The UJMMA work with UN Women in Mali on several initiatives, including lending support to the Third National Forum Read More

Drexel, Saint Katherine

Share TweetToday’s #womenshistorymonth pick was a suggestion by my sis-in-law Alisabeth Saynuk Miller. Saint Katherine Drexel was born in 1858 in #Philadelphia, to a very wealthy family. Her mother died 5 days after her birth and she and her sister were tended by her aunt until her father remarried. A third daughter Louisa, whose fate Read More

Trent, Tererai

Share Tweet Every day is a good day for a story about perseverance. So, thanks to Susan Schonfeld, I’ve chosen Tererai Trent as today’s #womenshistorymonth pick. Born in 1965 in what was then known as Rhodesia, Trent believes her life was shaped by the cultural practices & war that marked her early childhood. She was Read More

Rice, Dorothy

Share TweetIt seemed like a good week to highlight a #health #statistician, so I give you Dorothy Rice, this weekend’s pick for #womenshistorymonth. Born in 1922 in Brooklyn, NY, her parents were Jewish immigrants from Poland, her father a textile laborer and her mother a homemaker. Although she started at Brooklyn College, her brother had Read More

Kay, Jackie

Share TweetNaturally, I needed a Scot since I’ve just seen #Trainspotting. So, #poet, #novelist & #Scotland‘s poet laureate Jackie Kay, is my pick for #womenshistorymonth. Born in #Edinburgh, but raised in #Glasgow, Kay was adopted as a baby by a white Scottish family. In 2010 she wrote Red Dust Road, about the search for her Read More

Nacpil, Lidy

Share Tweet It felt like a good day to highlight an activist, so today’s #womenshistorymonth pick is Lidy Nacpil, a #climatechange and human rights activist and one of the busiest facilitators of related CSOs (civil society organizations) worldwide. Born in the 1960s in the Philippines, Nacpil cut her teeth as a protester under the brutal Read More